School Fees

School Fees includes cost not covered by the Board of Education.   School fees may be paid by way of Cash/ or Money Orders, made payable to Clissold School (checks are not accepted); or via the Clissold Website at    

The fee list below does not include additional expenses for special events, field trips and miscellaneous optional costs.

School Fee Amount: $125.00                                                                                                                                                           2019-2020

Fee Breakdown


Activity Fee

The activity fee covers the cost of the website, newsletters, special mailings, materials, and photocopied data for students.


Technology Fee

The technology fee covers the cost of operation and maintenance of the computer network and software through the school.


Consumable Materials Fees

One general fee covers all materials for the academic departments:  workbooks, supplies, and materials for Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Spanish.  This includes the $5.00 Science Fee.


Art Materials Fee

The art materials fee covers all art specific materials that are used during Art class.


** 8th Grade mandatory fees are to be determined**