Cougar Communication Quick Update 11-26-18

Cougar Families,

Happy snowy day!!

We appreciate all of the scholars and families braving the elements this morning and making to school today!  Like many residents in the Beverly/ Morgan Park area, Clissold has experienced a minor power outage effecting 4 classrooms.  Not to worry!! Quick action by our amazing staff and we are rolling right along!  At this time we have no timetable for the power outage from Com Ed.  However, each of our four classrooms are in alternate spaces prepared for the day as normal as possible.  

As you know, we are As you know, we are a Montessori and IB MYP educational community who believes in the gift of every child to inspire and empower the future of our humanity.

Collaborate with one another

Support one another

Care for one another

Encourage one another


Remarkable things will happen!  


Your Clissold Administration