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VISION After School Enrichment Program

VISION Announcements: 

On Friday, December 7, 2018, VISIONaries took to Google Headquarters to participate in an exclusive Hour of Coding event. Needless to say, the VISIONaries brought their A-game, presented their coded creations, and impressed the Google staff and the other attendees.
In November, VISIONaries honored our US Armed Forces Veterans! This year we had 11 honorees!
During Summer Break, fifth grade VISIONary Quentin Cherry continued working on his stop motion movie project that he began in after school. Once Quentin completed the video, Ms. Brewer entered him into the Cook County Fair, and he won Grand Champion of Cook County! We headed to Springfield, Illinois to compete at the state level. Quentin began the 2018-2019 school year as a Video/Filmmaking State of Illinois Grand Champion!
Over Spring Break, the VISIONaries went forth and became Grand Champions of Cook County in Performing Arts, scoring a 100/100 on their performance!
We are very elated that the VISIONaries are being acknowledged for their hard work and expressions creativity in an empowering manner. 

Interested in Joining VISION After School Enrichment Program?

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VISION After School is Monday-Friday from 2:45-4:45PM, and after care available until 5:30PM, when CPS is in session at Clissold School.



Want To Know What VISION Is Up To?

Every month a culminating video is uploaded to our YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can also follow us on InstagramSnapchat, or check out our website for more details. 


What Do We Offer? 

4-H, Career Exploration, Cloverbuds, Digital Journalism, Financial Literacy, Field Trips, Fitness, Game Time, Golf Instruction, Healthy Prep Culinary, Horticulture, Mentoring, Photography, Robotics, STEM, Sport Activities, & Talented Hands Crafts

Who Are We?

VISION Outreach is a youth-focused community outreach organization with the sole purpose of helping the youth of Chicago and surrounding areas progress and excel. VISION is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of empowering youth by providing education, inspiration, and revelation. VISION enriches youths' experiences by granting access to a multitude of opportunities to learn by experience and creating interest by exploration and exposure. VISION has served the youth of Chicago and surrounding suburbs since 2012.
"Once our youth have a vision, hope initiates; dreams form; dedication, discernment, and diligence ensues; and success is inevitable" ~Rev. Shaunte' Brewer, Founder & Executive Director

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or call/text us at 872.221.HOPE (4763) 
VISION Schedule: 
Arts & Crafts/ 
Performing Arts Rehearsal
International Studies
Game/ Tech Day
Movie Day