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Room 302 Young Einsteins

Volunteer Process

If you are interested in becoming an approved CPS volunteer, please complete the application at Level 1 volunteers can attend an overnight-field trip, mentors, tutors, and coach and volunteer for more than 10 hours/week. Level 2 volunteers can participate in day-field trips and volunteer for less than 5 hours/week.


Welcome to Room 302
Please be sure all supplies are replenished, especially the basics:  loose-leaf paper, pencils, erasers, red pens, and spiral notebooks (refer to the IB supply list on the opening page of the Clissold website and Room 404 beginning of the year parent informational letter for a complete list of supplies).  Students should bring their glue sticks to class every day so they can paste graded assignments into their notebook to use as a study guide. Only pencil will be accepted in math class (no mechanical pencils will be allowed).  
The links on this website (found on the left side of this page) are the most current and up-to-date communications and may have changes or addendums to previous communications. Please check often.
  • Check the homework link on the left side of this page, daily, to make sure homework assignments are being completed as assigned.  Check the parent portal and student portal as an ongoing progress report of your child. 
  • Check the  weekly update link (found on the left side of this page) which provides information about which common core concepts the students will be working on for the upcoming week. 
  • Peruse the Math Links link (found on the left side) with your child to access academic websites that can help your child succeed. It's a great resource for homework help.
Home room students MUST have their journal  in class every day for last period SEL. 
Please refresh and review the Clissold uniform policy, so your child is complying with the uniform requirements every day.  Hoodies are never allowed to be worn in class, not even with Clissold wear.  Clissold wear is only allowed on P.E. days or special out of uniform days.