Gina O'Connor » IB MYP- Year 1 Room 204 - Mrs. O'Connor

IB MYP- Year 1 Room 204 - Mrs. O'Connor

Homeroom 204

For Success, attitude is as important as ability.


Welcome to Year 1 of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme! My name is Mrs. O’Connor, and I will be the Mathematics and Science teacher for all of our Year 1 students.  Additionally, I will be teaching Writing, Health, and the Social Emotional Learning Program to the students in homeroom 204. 


My goal is to prepare every child to become a successful student in the middle grades, while instilling lifelong learning.  Throughout the year I will guide the students to become more independent and responsible. My expectation is that every child takes charge of themselves!  This means they are active learners, are responsible in being prepared for class and completing homework EVERY night, are respectful towards their classmates and all students and staff, make good choices, have a positive attitude, and do their personal best everyday. I believe in a safe environment.  Our class will work together to build a classroom community that encourages risk-taking thinking, respect, trust, and a sense of ownership among students.  My classroom will include mutual respect and kindness for all.