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4th Grade - Mrs. Kalinsky - Room 212

Room 212 Newsletter

January 22, 2019



Thanks to all of the families who sent in pencils!  We are still running low, so if you haven’t already donated, please think about sending in a pack or 2 (I’m not sure if the students eat them for lunch, but they do not last very long!)


Please look for the permission slip, Tuesday, for our trip to the Art Institute.  It is free for our class because I participated in a 2 year teacher program there!  The trip is Monday, January 28 and we will need 3 chaperones (they do not allow extra, so return the form immediately if you would like to chaperone).


Reading/Writing:  We will read the myth, How Night Came from  the Sea this week and work on the skill, generalization.  In addition, we will write some myths of our own.  Students will also be responsible for reading in a small group and creating a chart to demonstrate their comprehension and vocabulary knowledge. 


Math:  We are working on factors and multiples in Unit 7 in our math books.  Students worked on divisibility rules for 2-6 last week, and will finish up to 9 this week.


Science/Social Studies:     We will continue working on the current Scholastic Magazine assignments and continue working on elements in Science.


Thanks, and have a great week!


Mrs. Kalinsky