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Friends of Clissold

Friends of Clissold, has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including, but not limited to, raising money for Clissold Elementary School through community and business support.
Friends of Clissold plans to help alleviate the financial burden that has plagued the school due to the current economic crisis. The foundation has targeted the following areas:
1. Update the technology in the school. Clissold currently has one computer lab for 600 students, which is not sufficient to meet the needs of all the students. Teachers also need functioning desktop computers and printers in all of their classrooms. The foundation aims to provide the school with educational technology such as document cameras, LCD projectors, and Mobi Interactive Tablets for all classrooms.
2. Provide reading materials so that every classroom has books that are at the students reading levels. The foundation will also assist the school in purchasing educational texts.
3. As the needs of the school change, so too will the fundraising goals of Friends of Clissold.
Friends of Clissold is currently incorporated with the Illinois Secretary of State and has a Federal Employer number with the IRS. The Board of Directors is comprised of parents of the general, IB, Special Education and Montessori population as well as a community member. Your Friends of Clissold Board members are:

Holly Sutker
Amie Smith
Angie Smith
You can help Friends of Clissold by
• participating in an existing fundraiser,
• proposing a new fundraiser,
• asking your employer if it matches donations, or
• simply making a donation to help Clissold remain a cornerstone of our community.
We need the help of all the parents of Clissold School; you will not regret that time and resources that you invest in your child’s education. We are a community of caring teachers, administration, staff, parents, students and community. Therefore, Friends of Clissold is calling all teachers, administrators, staff, parents, students and community member to action. Clissold’s success lies in the strength of our community.
The Chicago Public School system is facing a $1 Billion dollar shortfall for fiscal year 2013-2014. Staff positions and budgets will be cut. The discretionary funds we currently receive from CPS are not enough to cover our various programs or our technology needs. To sustain the programming that makes Clissold an innovative, enlightening environment for our children, we rely on financial support to meet our funding challenges.
We are urging all parents and community members to support Friends of Clissold. By supporting all of Clissold’s fundraising activities, you help our children learn in an outstanding school. We look forward to working with all teachers, administrators, staff, parents, students and community members as we are CLIMBING HIGHER!!
Friends of Clissold is seeking a new President and Board member. These vacancies would like to be filled as soon as possible.  Community members and school families may apply.  Please contact Holly Sutker at 773-497-0295 or

Thank you,
Holly Sutker